Intellectual Property Rights

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Intellectual Property Rights

The need for intellectual property rights is to encourage new creations, including technology, artwork, and inventions, that might increase economic growth. We cover all the relative sub-subjects so that the importance of IPR is conveyed and understood.


This training is designed to be aligned with the current Industry's expectations. During this training, we will be focusing on,

  • Assignments for all the training modules for continuous evaluation and guidance.
  • Interactive or recorded lectures on all critical areas of the training giving all flexibility to the participants.
  • Thorough evaluation to enhance the levels of competencies and skills of the participants leading towards the objective of application in the job.
  • At the end of each training module, the trainer shall obtain feedback from the participants using specially designed questionnaires.


1. Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

  • Overview- Creativity & Innovation and the Importance of IPR
  • Role of IPR in the Pharma Industry
  • IP Focused policies/measures at State & Central Level
  • Performance evaluation.

2. Patents

  • Introduction to patent
  • Patent search/prior art search, novelty search
  • Freedom to operate search Patent Information and reading
  • Patent drafting
  • Patent filing procedure- National filling system
  • International patent system- PCT Filling system
  • Case study reading
  • Performance evaluation.

3. Industrial Design

  • Introduction to ID
  • Essentials and important provisions in the ID Act
  • Filing procedure of ID application
  • Case study reading
  • Performance evaluation.

4. Trademark Introduction to Trademark

  • Important Provisions in Trademark Act
  • Trademark Filing Process
  • International TM filing process- Madrid Filing process
  • Case study reading
  • Performance evaluation.

5. Copyright Introduction to Copyright

  • Copyright Filing Process
  • Case study reading
  • Performance evaluation.

6. Geographical Indications

  • Introduction to Geographical Indications
  • GI Registration Procedure
  • Case study reading
  • Performance evaluation.

7. Trade secret / Protection of undisclosed information

  • Introduction to Trade secret
  • Performance evaluation.

8. Traditional Knowledge

  • Introduction to Traditional Knowledge
  • TKDL Case Study reading
  • Performance evaluation.

9. Overlapping IP Concept and Clarification Important

  • Provisions in Copyright Act
  • Performance evaluation.

10. Enforcement of IPR

  • Meaning & Introduction
  • Enforcement remedies – Civil/Criminal/Customs
  • Case study reading
  • Performance evaluation.

11. IPR Management

  • Need for IPR Management
  • Modes of Commercialization
  • Negotiations
  • Performance evaluation.

12. IP Valuation

  • Introduction Methods of IP Valuation
  • Performance evaluation.

13. IP Commercialization

  • Need for IP Commercialization
  • Modes of Commercialization
  • Negotiations
  • Performance evaluation.

14. IP Strategy

  • Case study reading
  • Final Asssessment.


If you are from any of the below qualification backgrounds, then you can foresee a bright career avenue in IPR domain.

  • • Experienced professionals in Pharmacovigilance / Clinical Trail Operations / Medical writing / Clinical data Management / Clinical SAS Programmers / Regulatory Affairs.
  • Graduation in Pharma/ Medicine /Biomedical /Biotechnology/ Microbiology/ Science
  • Those willing to enter Pharmaceutical R & D, Formulations, Generics, NDDS, Regulatory affairs, Drug discovery, Clinical Research, Toxicology, International Business, Business strategy etc.
  • Anybody from Science or Engineering background interested in learning about Intellectual Property Rights and Pharmaceutical Research and Development.
  • Those interested in a career in pharmaceutical research from the faculty of Medicine, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Biosciences, Sciences, Life sciences and others.
  • Law students desirous of specializing in IPR and Pharmaceutical R &D.

If you think you could be an IPR head, then we are here to guide you.

Download the course pdf for a detailed understanding before you begin your Intellectual Property Rights training with us!