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Medical Writing

Medical writing is a way of representing informative research through structured words with writing guidelines. These writings help in communicating clinical and scientific data and information to a wide range of audiences in different formats. If you are a writer with knowledge of science and good research skills, then medical writing is worth considering.


We train individuals with a flair for writing to be medical writers by guiding them through the standard medical writing procedure. Furthermore, we address the presentation of information and pitch it at the right level for the intended audience. We achieve this through our curriculum that offers:

Introduction to medical writing

  • Introduction to Medical Writing.
  • Terminology & Definitions in Clinical Trials.
  • Good Clinical Practices (GCP).
  • Performance evaluation.

Basics of medical writing.

  • Style Guides.
  • Performance evaluation.

Clinical medical writing.

  • Clinical Trial Protocol
  • Clinical Study Reports.
  • Informed Consent Form, Case Record Form, Investigator Brochure.
  • Performance evaluation.

Regulatory/labelling medical writing.

  • Clinical and Nonclinical Overviews and Summaries.
  • Preparation of PIL/PI/SmPC Justification document, Addendum, Bio-waiver Justification.
  • Core Data Sheet/ Core Safety Information.
  • Performance evaluation.

Publication medical writing.

  • Journal, Abstract writing, Manuscript development.
  • White Paper Presentation.
  • Performance evaluation.

Medico-marketing writing.

  • Continuous Medical Education.
  • Physician Desk Reference.
  • Final Assessments


If you are from any of the below qualification backgrounds, then you can foresee a bright career avenue in the Medical Writing industry.

  • Pharmacy (B. Pharm, M.Pharm, Pharm.D)
  • Life Sciences (,
  • Medicine (BDS, MDS, MBBS, M.D,M.S,MCh)
  • Alternative Medicine (AYUSH)
  • Nursing (B.Sc,M.Sc)
  • Physiotherapist
  • Healthcare industry personnel)
  • PhD

If you think you have the flair for medical writing, then we are here to guide you and get you started.

Download the course pdf for a detailed understanding before you begin your Medical Writing training with us!