About us

As a leading comprehensive global biopharma company, Cispact lives up to its legacy of quality-driven biopharmaceutical consulting by delivering innovative and technology-driven solutions. Our service portfolio enables us to provide an integrated elucidation for the management of clinical data right from its inception to completion. Also, our customised deliverables are a promising approach to solutions, services and products at all stages of the life-cycle initiated. 


Cispact Pvt Ltd also provides trainings in various Biopharma divisions. Our best-in-class training curriculums meet the global socio-economic requirements and are a pioneer for detailed training. We focus on developing skills that directly transfer from classroom to workplace through structured planning, design and implementations.

Why Choose us?

An organized work culture and a dedicated team inspires greater benefits and better solutions.


World-class Services

  • Owned and managed by medical and pharmaceutical experts
  • Flexible engagement model
  • Tailored end-to-end services
  • Round the clock technical support
  • Quality and affordable services

Conversant Training

  • Cutting-edge teaching
  • Ready for industry curriculum
  • Tailored end-to-end services
  • Round the clock technical support
  • Quality and affordable services

CEO | FOUNDER: Dr. Ravichandra

"Every journey of success begins with a minute step and a multitude of hard work"

Dr. Ravichandra is a medical graduate with 15 years of thriving experience in multiple core pharma companies dealing with every detail of the pharmaceutical industry. As a resilient mind, result-oriented manager, and strategic planner with good team-building skills, he has restructured some ambiguous components of the pharmaceutical industry by offering the best solutions.

Every experience contributes towards perfection in you, and Dr. Ravichandra is an embodiment of skilled experience who always strives towards bettering the best.

With an enriching journey and diverse experience in Pharmacovigilance, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs (Product Labelling), Clinical Operations and CSV, etc. Cispact is a result of the aforementioned diverse expertise that he brings to the table.

Always motivated to deliver the best assistance, he with Cispact aims at resolving all medical-related queries and offering the best solutions for it.

-Dr. Ravichandra,
CEO (Bio-Pharma Division) at
Cispact Pvt Ltd