Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Workshop


Training Dates:  22 MAR 2021 to 26 MAR 2021
Batch Timings: 08:00 PM to 10.00 PM IST
                09:30 AM to 11:30 AM EST (US)
Programme Duration:  10 Hours


Training Cost: INR 15,000 + 18% GST extra =INR 17,700 (Including GST)
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Dr. Ankitha Jain

As one of the youngest Doctorates in India in the field of Commerce & Management of Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) have more than 8.5 years of working experience. I am currently working as an IPR management Consultant with Hindustan Unilever Limited and Exper Trainer at UpGrad Edu. Pvt. Ltd.

Along with the hands-on experience of conducting awareness workshops for 50,000+ higher secondary school students (Public & Pvt. Schools) and several Regulatory Authorities such as Police & Custom officials and MSME Associations in India.


  • Experienced professionals in Quality Assurance / Pharmacovigilance / Clinical Trail Operations / Medical writing / Clinical data Management / Clinical SAS Programmers / Regulatory Affairs


Day1-Introduction to IPR 

  1. Overview- Creativity & Innovation and Importance of IPR 
  2. Role of IPR in Pharma Industry 
  3. IP Focused policies/measures at State & Central Level 

Day2-Part 1-Patent

  1. Introduction to patent
  2. Patent search/prior art search, novelty search 
  3. Freedom to operate search 
  4. Patent Information and reading  
  5. Patent drafting 
  6. Patent filling procedure- National filling system 

Part 2-Industrial Design

  1. International patent system- PCT Filling system
  2. Case study reading 
  3. Introduction to ID
  4. Essentials and important provisions in ID Act 
  5. Filing procedure of ID application 
  6. Case study reading 

Day3-Part 1-Trademark

  1. Introduction to Trademark
  2. Important Provisions in Trademark Act
  3. Trademark Filing Process
  4. International TM filing process- Madrid Filing process
  5. Case study reading 

 Part 2-Trade Secret /Protection of Undisclosed Information

  1. Introduction to Trade secret 
  2. Case study reading 

 Part 3-Traditional Knowledge 

  1. Introduction to Traditional knowledge 
  2. TKDL 
  3. Case study reading 

Day4-Part 1-Overlapping IP 

  1. Concept and clarification 
  2. Case study reading 

Part 2-Enforcement of IPR 

  1. Meaning & Introduction 
  2. Enforcement remedies- Civil/Criminal/Customs
  3. Case study readings

Part 3-IPR Management 

  1. Need for IP Management 
  2. Internal and external mediums adapted by organizations 
  3. IP Portfolio management – Systems and databases & its relevance/benefits 

Day5-Part 1-IP Valuation 

  1. Introduction 
  2. Methods of IP Valuation 

Part 2-IP Commercialization

  1. Need for IP Commercialization 
  2. Modes of Commercialization
  3. Negotiations 

Part 3-IP Strategy 

  1. Case study reading