Industry Orientation Training

One of the principle objectives of this training program is to impart industrial orientation training/education to the fresh graduates from the Colleges/Universities, aspiring to build their career in pharmaceutical/life sciences industry.

Clinical Research Operations (ClinOps)

Clinical research is a branch of medical science
that determines the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products, and treatment regimens intended for human use.

Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety

Pharmacovigilance is the science and activities
related to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse drug effects or any other possible drug-related problems.

Medical Writing

Medical writing involves writing documents for regulatory agencies seeking approval for devices, drugs and biologics. This includes clinical trial data, regulatory submission documents, post approval documents, etc.

Clinical Data Management (CDM)

Clinical Data Management is the process of
handling data from clinical trials. The inherent goal
of any clinical data management system is to produce and maintain quality data.

Computer System Validation (CSV)

Computerized system validation (CSV) is the
documented process of assuring that a computerized system does exactly what it is
designed to do in a consistent and reproducible manner.

Pre-Interview Preparation,
Communication Skills,
CV Preparation
and Group Discussions.

Preparing the students with other required skills
which meet industry standards

Our training includes series of online sessions by recognized experts from the pharmaceutical industries,
practical demonstrations/hands-on exposure in industrial set-up and interactive work-shop on industrial operations including research and development.