Medical Writing


‘Cispact Trainings’ is an online education platform providing rigorous industry-relevant training programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class faculty and industry. Merging the latest technology, pedagogy, and services, Cispact is creating an immersive learning experience – anytime and anywhere.

We provide high-end professional education for aspiring and experienced professionals in Pharmaceutical and IT domains. Our hybrid platform delivers unique online experience that helps to build cutting-edge expertise, for today and tomorrow.

In Pharmaceutical sector, we provide trainings in Pharmacovigilance (Case Processing and Aggregate Report writing), Medical Writing, Management, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research Operations, Computer System Validation, Oracle Argus Configuration and Administrator, Clinical SAS (Base and Advanced) and Intellectual Property Rights.

Course Curriculum

  • Class I: Literature Search Basics (What is it and how is it in implementation in the Regulatory field)
  • Class II: Overview of Literature Search (steps)
  • Class III: Literature Search Objective, Scope and Boolean operators
  • Class IV: Creation of Search Matrix/String with examples, Gathering of keywords from various databases and its importance
  • Class V: Snow-Balling technique and its importance, OVID database Techniques to retrieve the relevant literature
  • Class VI: Connectors (Boolean Operators, Proximity Operators, Truncations and Quotation marks)
  • Class VII: Connectors and its use with examples
  • Class VIII: Advanced Searching Techniques, Limiting the search
  • Class IX: Viewing the search Results and modifications
  • Class X: Landscape of OVID database virtually
  • Class XI: Database Techniques (Explode and Focus)
  • Class XII: Multi-database search
  • Class XIII: Databases interlinked to OVID and their codes
  • Class XIV: Limit the Search (type of study, date range)
  • Class XV: Export the results in required formats
  • Class XVI: Exercise examples with drug/device
  • Class XVII: Exercise examples with drug/device with Q and A
  • Class XVIII: Viewing the results exported in Desired formats and evaluation
  • Class XIX: How to eliminate the irrelevant literature (includes techniques)
  • Class XX: Screening of the relevant literature remained, Classifying them in to highly relevant, moderately relevant and less relevant
  • Class XXI: Finalization of relevant literature with examples
  • Class XXII: Retrieval/ ordering of relevant articles/literature/clinical/scientific data
  • Class XXIII: Medical Writing and its basics, what do Medical Writers write?
  • Class XXIV: Essentials for Medical writing (Basic grammar and Usage, Sentence Structure, Punctuation, Medical terminology, Basic Statistics, 
  • Class XXV: Abstract Writing and Manuscript Writing with examples
  • Class XXVI: Medical Editing with examples
  • Class XXVII: Medical review and examples
  • Class XXVIII: Assignments on Medical writing Q and A
  • Class XXIX: Overview of the entire process from Literature Search to medic review (Briefing)
  • Class XXX: Assignments on Literature Search and Screening
  • Class XXXI: Assignments on medical writing Q and A


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